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We design, manufacture & install commercial kitchens for small businesses, clubs & organisations. A specialist company in commercial kitchen design, manufacture & installation


Commercial Kitchen Design For Small Business, Clubs & Organisations

Welcome to Premier Catering Manufacture Ltd, where we specialize in designing commercial kitchens for all types of restaurants.


Our team of specialist catering engineers has experience working with small and large businesses alike, providing a full turnkey solution for your food service needs.


We have worked with a wide range of customers in the following industries, Churches, Community Centres. Golf, Football & Cricket Clubs, Charity Organisations and small businesses alike.


We specialize in providing tailored solutions for commercial kitchens, from new builds and complete refurbishments to upgrades, re-designs, and rip-outs. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you create the ideal kitchen for your restaurant, customized to your specific needs and preferences.

Contact us today to schedule a complimentary survey and quote, and discover how we can transform your commercial kitchen into a functional and efficient space that meets your every requirement. Let us help you bring your vision to life and create a unique culinary experience for your customers.

render of a commercial kitchen layout for a restaurant kitchen
commercial kitchen euro tunnel
a stainless steel commercial kitchen

We provide turnkey solutions for small businesses. Ensuring your commercial kitchen is compliant and efficient. Learn more about our commercial kitchen design offers!


Hickleton Golf Club a recent commercial kitchen design project
we worked for the euro tunnel to provide them commercial kitchen design
canteen & cocktail based in the north east, where we provided commercial kitchen design services
fat sams preston is a restaurant we provided commercial kitchen design for
cheetham star where we designed a commercial kitchen for a takeaway in manchester
garden bar monton.jp2
owen sandwaith farm shop is a farm shop we designed a commercial kitchen


What We Specialise In:

Commercial Kitchen DESIGN For Restaurants

✔️ Initial Consultation

✔️ Initial Survey

✔️ Design (2D & 3D) - unlimited revisions

✔️ Full Quotations

✔️ Service Drawings (electrical, plumbing, ventilation)


Commercial Kitchen MANUFACTURE For Restaurants

✔️ Stainless Steel Fabrication

✔️ Tables, Sinks etc

✔️ Counters

✔️ Ventilation Systems

✔️ Hot cupboards

✔️ Cocktail Bar Systems

Commercial Kitchen INSTALLATION


For Restaurants

✔️ Partial/Complete Rip-Outs

✔️ Electrical & Plumbing

✔️ Walls & Cladding

✔️ False Ceilings

✔️ Catering Equipment

✔️ Ventilation Systems

✔️ Flooring

✔️ Turn Key Installations

Your one stop shop for commercial kitchen installation for your restaurant

✔️ Designed In House

✔️ Manufactured In House

✔️ Installed by our teams

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