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Gas Interlock Systems For Gas Safety In Commercial Kitchens

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Gas Interlock Panel with Buttons

The Experts in Gas Interlock Systems

What is a Gas Interlock System?​

Our Mackline Gas Interlock controllers offer a unique high quality functionality allowing ease of use in one location. Allowing full control of your extraction.
We also offer repairs should you encounter problems! But to learn more, please read below

How Does A Gas Interlock Panel Work?

An electrical control panel cuts off gas flow in the event of commercial kitchen extract or make up air fan failure. It does this by its electrical connection to a solenoid valve on the gas line. This is now a mandatory requirement in most commercial kitchens.

When is a gas interlock system mandatory?

✔️ On installation of a completely new extraction/ventilation canopy
✔️On installation of a completely new gas pipework run or extension
✔️ On installation of a completely new cook line or layout
✔️ With any fitting of Category 'B' equipment e.g. combination ovens, deep fryers, grills, charcoal griddles. This includes replacements to an existing layout

Important Documents For Reference:

✔️ Corgi Technical Bulletin - TB 130 BS 6173 
✔️ Gas Supply (Installation and Use) Regulation GSIUR27-4
✔️ HSE Information sheet No. 23 – Gas Safety in Catering and Hospitality
✔️ HSE CIS Sheet No. 10 - (Rev. 1)

Interlock Panels We Install, Replace or Repair:
✔️S&S Merlin  (CT1200, CT1250, CT1650, 1500s, 3000s, CT1750) 
✔️Mackline (stdType2. StdType3, Bespoke)
✔️Intelligas (100s, 100cs, LVM-SF, KVM-CS, EGIP-Kitchen)

We also build bespoke interlock panels to accommodate 3 phase fans, heater batteries and multiple fan options for a 1 point control panel with all the components integrated into a single control box. We offer a nationwide installation service on our gas interlock systems. Speak to us for an accurate cost of this service and product

Full Gas Interlock System Installation Packages

We install full gas compliant interlock systems
Whether its a new installation or upgrade an existing we can get your commercial kitchen compliant.

We will install a gas line, solenoid valve, interlock panel and a make up fan system for your commercial kitchen. 

What we install
✔️ Gas Interlock Panels
✔️ Gas Solenoid Valves
✔️ Make Up Air Systems
✔️ Bespoke Gas Interlock Systems
✔️ Supply Only & Supply with Install

Ventilation canopy with gas interlock panel and fresh air


Gas Interlock Brands We Sell & Install

We manufacture our own range of interlock systems, but also offer other well known brands

Our ability to offer bespoke gas interlocking systems allows us to provide tailored solutions to suit non standard commercial kitchen ventilation systems

Interlock Panels
✔️ Mackline
✔️ Intelligas 
✔️ Gas Minder
✔️ S&S Interlock Panels
✔️ FlameFast
✔️ Cooksafe
✔️ Banico
✔️ GIC
✔️ Gasvent
✔️ Caledonian Controls


Make Up Air Pod System For Gas Compliance

Stainless Steel Make Up Air Retro Fit Pod Systems Suitable With Gas Interlock Systems

A cheaper or alternative way of bringing fresh air into a commercial kitchen ventilation system can be done via incorporating a air pod system. Allowing either make up air for gas cooking or to bring fresh air into the kitchen

Fresh Air Pod System
✔️ For Gas Regulations 
✔️ Bring in make up air
✔️ Connection to a gas interlock system
✔️ Suitable for all commercial kitchen ventilation 
✔️ Cheaper alternative for dual canopy systems
✔️ Professional Solution

fresh air system for commercial kitchen ventilation system
bespoke commercial kitchen ventilation systems

Bespoke Ventilation Canopies With Fresh Air

Bespoke Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Canopies Solutions For Gas Catering Equipment - bring your commercial kitchen upto regulations

With specialist stainless ventilation canopy manufacture in house. Our team can manufacture bespoke extraction canopy to suit all applications and design requirements.

Bespoke Canopy Manufacture 
✔️ Bespoke Solutions 
✔️ Extract Only & Dual
✔️ Canopies to suit all commercial kitchens
✔️ Suitable for all commercial kitchen ventilation 
✔️ High Quality
✔️ Bespoke Stainless Steel Canopies




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Gas Interlock Systems

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